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The “NOSTALGIA” is characterized by a flowing form. While having a Japanese taste, it goes well with casual clothes such as denim and coquettish fashion. The unique colors are full of deep shades that shows various expressions depending on the angle it is viewed from. It radiates a sophisticated beauty.

The product comes with a magnet and a decorative stand. If you attach the product to the decoration stand, you can enjoy it as an interior piece as well.

weight; 21g / size ; 10㎝ (3.93 inc)

* Neodymium magnets are built into the main body. Do not use if you are wearing implanted medical electronic devices such as pacemakers.

* Do not bring the main unit with the attached neodymium magnet close to a mobile phone, magnetic striped card, clock, magnetic tape, etc. The contents of the memory may be destroyed.

* Product specifications may change without prior notice.

* Please note that there may be variations in color and shape since each piece is handcrafted and finished by hand.

* Neodymium magnets are also built into the main body.

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