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The petals overlap many times to create a voluminous feel, but it is lightweight and a beautiful gem from any angle. The “CARNATION” is a piece that is created by THE BLOSSO’s skilled craftmanship of bending stainless steel to the furthest limits. Perfect as a reward for yourself or a Mother's Day gift.

weight; 30g / size ; 6.2㎝ (2.44 inc)

* Neodymium magnets are built into the main body. Do not use if you are wearing implanted medical electronic devices such as pacemakers.

* Do not bring the main unit with the attached neodymium magnet close to a mobile phone, magnetic striped card, clock, magnetic tape, etc. The contents of the memory may be destroyed.

* Product specifications may change without prior notice.

* Please note that there may be variations in color and shape since each piece is handcrafted and finished by hand.

* Neodymium magnets are also built into the main body.

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