Characteristics of our products

THE BLOSSO started off by creating corsages to wear on “A Special Day”.
The main characteristic of our brand is that we are the first in the world to create a product which can also be used as an interior decoration.
Since it is a beautiful product, you wouldn’t want to keep it closed, but to decorate it beside you at any time.
By using the product along with the clock stand attached, you can decorate your bedside table or living board to keep the joy of “A Special Day” nearby all the time. 

About the simple usability

● Easy to wear with magnets
Powerful magnets (Neodymium magnet) are attached, so it is easy to wear even on winter coats.

● Light weight
Since the product is quite big in three-dimensional size, you might think it is heavy. But in fact, the average weight is 70 grams, making it also usable even on georgette blouses.

● Product care
Made out of high-quality stainless steel, dropping the product wouldn’t harm. You can easily wipe off the dust with a cheek-brush.
If it seems to be a little dirty, you can also wash it with water.

● Continuous beauty
Deterioration or discoloration will not happen over time.

About US

Established in 1990, Myutech 35 Inc. has been an important company in the metal manufacturing industry with the mission of “Solution to the change of Japan”. We have been providing service from completing prototypes of different industries to mass production in the past 30 years.
For us, our main business is “Fast and cheaply produce the products designed by customers.”
Second is “Provide suggestions for metal material choice, weighting method, and designing solutions” for our designers and developers.
On the base of our experienced metal manufacturing and strong proposal methods, we created “Forever Blooming Flower” in 2015.
Which is the brand of Myutech 35 Inc., “THE BLOSSO”.
In order to match the characteristic “forever”, we use long-lasting materials and high-quality stainless steel. By carefully smoothing and sharpening the surface, the beauty of the diamond in the middle is perfectly presented.
With the combination of deeply trained and experienced “people” and the unforgettable spirit of metal manufacturing industry “latest technology methods”, the new jewelry brand “THE BLOSSO” is now catching many attentions.

Myutech 35 Inc.
1-18-5 Hinodai, Hino-shi City, Tokyo